Welcome to Real Prayers and this year’s 21-Day Challenge! We’re thrilled that you set aside the first part of your year for a focused, intentional time of Bible reading, meditation, prayer, and fasting. The book of Psalms is a book of real prayers, honest poetry, and heartfelt worship. We hope this book is a helpful guide for you throughout this season.


We believe this will be the best year of your life... if it’s your best year spiritually. The 21-Day Challenge is just a tool to help you focus the first part of your year on your relationship with God. The 21-Day Challenge itself involves two basic commitments.

The first is a personal commitment to 21 days of Bible reading, meditation, prayer, and fasting. Included in this book are 21 selected Psalms for daily reading and meditation as well as 21 daily prayers. See below for helpful information on fasting.

The second is a community commitment to our 21 Days of Prayer Services. Whether you join us in person, at your campus, or online at COTMlive.com, we would love to have you pray with us as a church each day for 21 days. We’ll worship together, pray for specific topics, and have a time for personal prayer needs.


One of the most powerful things you can do to become more like Jesus is to simply read the Bible, think about what you’ve read, and have a conversation with God about it. If you do this for 21 days, you will be blown away at how much you grow.

We have chosen 21 selections from the book of Psalms for you to read in this season. These Psalms are honest prayers to God written thousands of years ago. You may be surprised at how much they relate to you today.

We’ve also provided guidance for how to meditate on what you’ve read. Don’t be weirded out by the word “meditate”. It just means to slow down, think about what you’ve read, and maybe even read it again a couple of times to see what stands out to you on the second or third pass. Think of meditation as a bridge from Bible reading to prayer time.

Finally, we’ve included some reflective prayers in response to what God has said to us through His Word in these Psalms. Make these prayers your own. Add to them. Pray them more than once in your day if you like. And then listen. God can and will speak to you. Yes, you!